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Celebrate 10 years of inn-keeping for international guests and escape the winter chills and blues to enjoy the lovely warmer climates of Provence.


Check out our Paradise special winter season rates below.



EMAIL Subscriber Special:


20% OFF Bookings made and deposits paid for before February 29. Subscribe today and don't miss out on special offers, perks and discounts!


Provence Paradise Pool - Provence Vacation Rentals
Provence Paradise Pool - Provence Vacation Rentals

For couples and Families


Gourmet dinner at a Michellin-starred restaurant for couples.


Catered meal at your own dining table in our "hamlet" for families.


Reserve a 7-night... or more and bring the Provence to your plate.


Expires 30/06/2016







Market VISIT+Cooking Class with Our special Chef


The chef accompanies our guests in the morning to the market in Saint Rémy, helps them select the ingredients for a full luncheon and then gathers everyone around the island in one of our kitchens to work on the meal preparation.


Our guests--- young and not-so-young, eager women and reluctant men, even some kids--- have a great time and learn something new. What a feeling of accomplishment! The wine in the kitchen does wonders for the ambiance. Inhibitions seem to vanish, at least in terms of language. Culinary skills flourish!


If you would like to form part of a group during your stay with us, please let us know soonest by clicking this link:






*Not to worry! The cooking class takes place on Tuesday or Thursdays, which means our guests have plenty of time on Wednesdays to buy all the berets, the bedspreads and the tablecloths they want.




Provence Paradise Market - Provence Vacation Rentals
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Retire for Free... or almost... in Provence!?


In 2015-16, we are celebrating 10 years of inn-keeping for international guests, with special winter season rates for those wishing to escape the winter chills and blues to enjoy, instead, the lovely warmer climates of Provence.


We offer the master bedrooms and en suite baths of our houses as your winter home-away-from-home. Seasonal Special! Winter bed and breakfast rates for two (2) guests at a minimum two-week rental with 50% off the second week, third week, etc . so that's: US$140 x 7= US$980 for the first week, then US$490/week for the next weeks. Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 4 weeks stay BOOK NOW!

This promotion is for bookings from November 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 Rental payable in full and in advance by personal check or Paypal. For more information Email Us»




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Provence Paradise Retire - Provence Vacation Rentals
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